Concerning the Self

Everyone can benefit from self-centered.


Not self-centered in the traditional sense of the word, meaning to be selfish and narcissistic. My observation comes from a literal interpretation of being “self-centered”. Splitting the phrase apart leaves the two words “self” and “center”. With this perspective, the term self-centered is redefined to mean “centered in one’s self.”

What exactly does it mean to be centered in one’s self? Like sailboats out at sea all people have an anchor. This anchor serves as the focal point of what defines our individuality. At first glance it feels synonymous with our identity. A true center lives in an internal space within ourselves, devoid of our external identity. In that space we experience the freedom to be our most authentic selves. To be centered outside of one’s self is dangerous. It leads us to be tethered to external forces: objects, habits, people, jobs, etc.

Self-centered = centering myself. Finding the core of who I am and operating from that place.


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