Struggling with Chronic CB



That noise perfectly illustrates my life lately. Everything feels so repetitive, mundane, and flat out boring. This plague of Chronic CB (Continual Boredom) I’ve contracted is killing me. Nothing can release me from this dire slump. No cure is within reach.

Stranger Things 2? Nope.

New Car? Yawn.

New Marvel movie? Eh.

My guess is this Chronic CB stems more from my desire for a different environment. I relished my four years of undergrad at Bloomsburg University, but my cabin fever is through the roof! You can only enjoy the same sights for so long! Gray November skies make me yearn more for the sweet Californian sunshine.

Intellectually, I know I should enjoy the present moment. Emotionally, my heart lies somewhere else. What I’m feeling can best be described as what one author calls “the space between stories.” The space between stories signify those transitory phases between big life changes where everything seems to stand still.

Time to enjoy this story until the next chapter begins.

Looking forward to the future – Barry


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