Are You from Tennessee?

Today I returned from a four-day spontaneous road trip from Memphis, Tennessee. Driving all the way from my neck of Pennsylvania takes roughly 18 – 19 hours one way. I don’t take long trips often, my longest drive before this was a six-hour weekend visit to Rhode Island.

So the big question: Why Memphis? Many years ago when I was a teeny wittle Barry I remember seeing a image of a blue pyramid on Food Network. My young impressionable mind clung to that image immediately. The thing is kinda bizarre. I never understood why someone randomly builds a pyramid in a major city that isn’t Egypt.


Wow! A pyramid! And it’s blue!

Throughout the years that image stayed nestled somewhere in my subconscious. I always wanted to visit someday. I imagined how tall the building was, guessed what the interior looked like, but never made the trip. Then last week my SUV needed to be towed away from repairs. Without transportation readily available I found myself thinking, “This sucks. Now I REALLY can’t go to Memphis even if I wanted to.”  It was frustrating to think that I may have missed my opportunity to go.

Luckily my vehicle was repaired the next day. I drove myself home relieved that I could finally see the famous blue pyramid. In my excitement, I searched Google calendar on my phone to pick a day for the trip. That’s when a happened. A sneaky voice crept in and whispered “Maybe take the trip next year?”

For a millisecond, I allowed myself to be seduced by this suggestion. A half second later I winced. NO. “Someday” does not exist on the calendar! Ben Franklin said, “One today is worth two tomorrows” I’m going on this goddamn trip before 2017 is over! My buddy James hopped along for the ride and we muscled the grueling 19-hour drive to Memphis.

Seeing this humongous structure up close felt oddly fulfilling. After years of imaging I finally got to see the Memphis Pyramid with my own two eyes. The inside of the Pyramid is a sprawling Hotel/Resort/Hunting & Sporting Goods utopia owned by the Bass Pro company. Hunting isn’t my cup of tea, but it was interesting to nature recreated indoors with large taxidermized animals of all varieties.  For 10 dollars we gained access an elevator that travels to the top of the pyramid. This obvious crash grab irradiated me until I stepped onto the outside patio. From there we took in a beautiful vantage point of the city while sun set on the horizon.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

We visited a friend in Virginia and made a pit stop in D.C. on the way back. On the outside the whole trip seems really illogical. James and I drove 19 hours to see something for barely 30 minutes. Not to mention my car almost broke down along the way too.

I guess the lesson of the trip is this: Dreams aren’t made to be logical, they are made to be accomplished. – Barry

More photos on Instagram: @patsnack24


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