San Diego Seven

Sitting on the five-hour plane ride from Charlotte to San Diego with a screaming baby adjacent to my destroyed eardrums all I could think was, “Is this worth it?”

Yes. Yes, it was.

My week in San Diego, California was incredible. Even in January the weather remained perfect. For most of my visit the temperature stayed around 65 – 70 degrees F and sunny. It was even sweeter when juxtaposed against the snow storms that hit the East coast.


The first destination on my adventure was Balboa Park. This is a huge park dotted with a variety museums and the San Diego Zoo! To see everything Balboa Park has to offer requires multiple days so I spent most of my time in the zoo. Animal lovers this is the place for you! On the zoo bus tour I saw animals like flamingos, giraffes, zebras, and even polar bears! Yes, polar bears!


Day two I spent immersed in the beautiful cliffs and beaches at La Jolla. Be prepared to walk a bunch if you visit this area. There is so much to see and the undulating waves gracefully hypnotize ocean watchers. I even luck enough to saw seals napping on the beach! Shout out to the Lyft driver who suggested I stay until sunset. Words cannot do it justice.

On the third day, I made a trip across the Mexican border only to realize I forgot my US passport back at the hotel. Yeah not good. After having a mini stroke, I immediately to crossed back into US where I was crossed examined thoroughly by border patrol security. They seemed hesitant, but they eventually allowed me back in. You never realize how much you love a place until there’s a slight chance you may not be allowed back in. Moral of the story: ALWAYS double check for your passport before leaving the country.


Travel across the Coronado Bridge you can see the San Diego skyline from Centennial Park. Another popular spot in the city is the historic Hotel Del Coronado. This massive resort is a preserved hotel located right on the beach. I suggest walking through the city of Coronado too just to get a glimpse of the beautiful luxury homes in the neighborhood.

My final trip landed me at Pacific Beach (PB) for a morning stroll near the shore. In the evening visitors can check out the amusement rides in Belmont Park. Admittedly, the foggy weather discouraged from walking much that day.

Things to know

  • The trip is expensive. To get around this I limited myself to one major activity per day.
  • The amount of homeless people wandering the streets took me off guard. They are literally everywhere.
  • Food is good. Sooooo good! Especially in Little Italy.
  • Using Uber and Lyft to get around is inexpensive and a great opportunity to ask locals questions.
  • The people are super friendly.

If you want to see pictures from my trip check out my Instagram: bluebarry42 – Barry


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